Beginners are made most welcome at Lewes Bowls Club. All you need to do is contact our Membership Secretary – Dave Marchant 01273 475077. email address:  (If Dave is not available please contact any of the names on the Club Officials page)

Follow this link to a BBC beginners guide to bowls

BBC guide

More ideas for beginning bowls

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Here are some of the questions often asked by those thinking of taking up bowls and joining our club.

It looks so simple, just sending a bowl to a jack. Is there enough in it for me?

Although it is easy to pick up the basic rules of bowls it is in fact a game, like golf, of fiendish simplicity, and therefore capable of infinite variety. Once you have learnt to cope with different weather and green conditions, with how to get round all the bowls already at the way. Ounce you have learnt when to bowl gently to the jack and bowl with more force to get rid of opponents’ bowls, you have only discovered some of the intricacies of this fascinating game.

Roughly how much will it cost?

Bowls is not an expensive sport and it will cost nothing to test the water. You can come along for some trial games without charge. Just contact us to arrange a convenient time. Wear flat soled shoes and comfortable clothes and we will lend you then rest of the equipment you need.

If you take to the game and want to join the club you will need to pay the annual subscription that all members pay and, as you play, small additional charges for participating in events such as club matches or club competitions. You pay nothing for any roll-up session. You will need a certain amount of equipment and clothing. A set of bowls costs around £200 or much less if you decide to buy or even borrow a second hand set (a wise choice for a beginner to give yourself time to find the type of bowls that suit you). The dress code is relaxing but at the moment you requires grey trousers/skirt and a white shirt/blouse and sweater and flat bowling shoes. When you participate in Club matches you will need white trousers/skirt and a Club Shirt, which can be bought at the club, and wet weather gear. (It is England!)

Can I have a go before I join?

Most certainly. One of our experienced members will be pleased to show you the ropes and let you have a go, without any obligation. Just contact the club.

Will I be expected to take part in Matches and Competitions?

The only thing you will be expected to do is enjoy yourself. You can put your name down for matches when you feel ready but there will be no pressure to do so. Most beginners like to start with the informal roll-up sessions and progress from there.

Can I play with my partner?

There are plenty of opportunities for husbands and wives or other partners to play bowls together.

What is the Club’s attitude to disability?

The Club welcomes all who wish to participate in the great game of bowls and has a very positive attitude to anhyone who needs help with the game. There is no age limit and the only requirement is that members contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the Club.

If I join your summer bowling club, what can I do in the winter?

Lewes Bowls Club has a very active and well supported short mat bowls activity that takes place in our clubhouse throughout the winter. Club members pay a small amount per session for this enjoyable extension to their bowling year.

You have sparked my interest – what do I do now?

Just contact the Membership Secretary – David Marchant 01273 475077 or anyone else on the Club Officers page